GameStealth Terms of Service

  • WARNING: All Minecraft Alts have NO WARRANTY
  • No Replacements under any circunstance.
  • No REFUNDS. All sales are final.
  • Greeklish are not acceptable in any electronic communication with Gamestealth's staff. Any messages written in Greeklish will be disregarded.
  • All buyers must be 18+ years old.
  • All accounts and Access Information are checked by us and are 100% working.
  • The account that its given it's tested and working, once we provide it to you, the customer, IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE ACCOUNT, not ours.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your primary email address up to date so that GameStealth can communicate with you electronically.
  • You understand and agree that if GameStealth sends you an electronic Communication but you do not receive it because your primary email address on file is incorrect, out of date, blocked by your service provider, or you are otherwise unable to receive electronic Communications, GameStealth will be deemed to have provided the Communication to you effectively. Please note that if you use a spam filter that blocks or re-routes emails from senders not listed in your email address book, you must add GameStealth to your email address book so that you will be able to view the Communications we send to you. You can update your primary email address or your password at any time by logging into the GameStealth website.
  • If your email address becomes invalid such that electronic Communications sent to you by GameStealth & GS.Support are returned, GameStealth may deem your Account to be inactive.
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